Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thanksgiving Project

Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thanksgiving Harvest Festival Project is all about reclaiming the original attitude of sharing, love, and thankfulness that was manifested between Anglo Saxons and the Native American Indians, within the boundaries of what was later called North America. This contextualized sharing and caring between Natives and Whites took place within a Harvest Festival during the First Thanksgiving festivities within the Plymouth settlement in the autumn of 1621. This project is about showing we care in deed through acts of kindness before we share the Gospel in word to the Native Americans.

You can read all about that very First Thanksgiving celebration by going to the home page of this web site. Please read the first sentence on the home page about how the Natives already had a harvest festival that was adopted by the White Man (the fact that the First Thanksgiving is just as much a part of Native culture as it is American culture is something you will want to share with the Natives) and then after reading the first sentence return to this page you are now reading.

The web page that you are now reading tells you how to implement a Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thanksgiving Celebration in your own home, church, or community right where you live. So please send our web site address to as many people as you can think of who you think have the compassionate Spirit of Jesus Christ and would thus be open to taking part in this project of uniting Whites with Natives in a context of caring, sharing, reconciliation, and sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The first step in preparing is to lay a foundation of true historical knowledge since you can not grasp the need to reclaim the Spirit of the First Thanksgiving or know what food or activities to include at your Restoring The First Thanksgiving Celebration unless you know true history. You need to obtain an uncensored view of Early Indian and American cultural, religious, and political history that has no deconstructionism in it. Read at least the first half of the book: THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY (scroll down to purchase it at Amazon below) to grasp the background leading up to the original White Man's Harvest Festival, 1st Thanksgiving Celebration, First Venison Day, or 1st Turkey Day.

This study that I encourage you undertake will help you grasp the contrast between the greedy and godless men who settled Jamestown, Virginia and how they came to the land now called North America to take advantage of the Natives (the U.S. Government, wicked businessmen, and selfish Whites later followed this same path) and contrast their treatment with how the Christian Pilgrims of Plymouth treated the Natives with Christian kindness, love, and respect and thus reaped what they sowed in helpfulness and kindness from the Natives.

Also study the page on this website titled "Healing for the Natives Ministries" to see how God has been on the side of the Native Americans both in judgement upon the U.S. Government with the Curse of Tippecanoe and also in mercy and kindness by confirming His love for the Natives with signs and wonders following as seen in the restoring Jason Lee's Celilo revival meeting which took place in July of 2011 near the Celilo reservation near The Dalles, Oregon. Read all about these things and find the only solution to how America can recover from the curses that have come upon it as a result of America's treatment of the natives.

The second step is to get in touch with Native American Indians in your area. You can go to the web site: and find Native American organizations near your area and contact them and tell them you want to invite a Native family to your home, church, or community Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Celebration. Ask them for ideas about how you can contact one, several, or many Natives to give them an invitation to your Restoring The Spirit Of the First Thanksgiving event. You can tell them that scales of historical deception have finally fallen off of your eyes and this celebration invite is your way of trying to restore good relations with the Natives living within the United States. They will give you ideas and helpful contacts so that you can proceed to contact Natives in your area.

Moreover, if you would like genuine Christian Native American speakers to come to your church or community in advance of Thanksgiving Day and share with your church, organization, or community what you or your church or community can do to help bring healing to the relationships between Whites and Native Americans then please contact the following men that this writer will inform you about in the next two paragraphs. If you are a Christian group or Church then it is particulary important that you know how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Natives you invite to your Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thanksgiving Harvest Festival event. The Christian evangelists, speakers, and pastors discussed in the next two paragraphs will give you ideas about how you can share the Gospel with the Natives you invite to the Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thanksgiving Harvest Festival Celebration that you and your helpers facilitate.

In this paragraph and the next are the speakers that this writer recommends that you invite to your preparing for the restoration of the Spirit of the First Thanksgiving conference, seminar or retreat. You could also invite them to speak at the actual celebration that you hold on Thanksgiving Day. Remember, the First Thanksgiving lasted for three days so why not have a seminar or conference that lasts this long? If you are in a mainstream church or your church is evangelical or fundamentalist then I recommend that you contact Wiconi International and they will help you ( The founder of Wiconi was an author, Northern Traditional Dancer, professional diversity trainer, college lecturer, missions ministry consultant, international speaker, co-founder of the North American Institute of Indigenous Theological Studies as well as a very respected national Native ministry leader. Order the Richard Twiss book: ONE CHURCH: MANY TRIBES from Amazon (find the Amazon banner on this website).

If your church is Pentecostal or Charismatic then consider inviting the following Native American preachers: Lockley Bremner (cell phone: 406-250-8968) of the Healing For The Natives Ministries ( or He is a powerful man of God and moves in the power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following as the Sovereign Lord directs. Lockley also ministers in reconciled Christian unity with the mostly white evangelist named Aaron Auer of Restoring Oregon's Amazing Roots ( Lockley and Aaron are God's dynamic duo to spread native/white reconciliation, healing, and revival across America. Also consider Pastor John David Gomez of the Jerusalem Center Church in Medford, Oregon who just like evangelists Lockley Bremner and Aaron Auer, ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit for interracial unity, reconciliation, missions to the Natives, and Native American cultual redemption ( See more contacts in bottom paragraph.

This writer realizes that some of you both Christian and non-Christian will be quite surprised that a White man like myself would take the time to construct this web site and recommend this kind of celebration. But you need to remember that Jesus is the example of reconciliation and through his shed blood on the cross he provided a way for all of us to become blood brothers who are reconciled to each other through his blood and by his grace through repentance and faith. Remember that song which you sung in Sunday school? It goes like this: Jesus loves the little children.... all the children of the world.... red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his site. Jesus loves the little children of the world. Jesus also has come to work through their culture to bring them to himself. You can learn more about that as you read the Native American Ministry web sites mentioned in the last paragraph above. Study them to learn how to relate to the Natives in Christian love and repentance.

If you would like to be a part of the Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thanksgiving Harvest Festival Project then please contact one of the Native American ministries mentioned on this website and tell them what you would like. If you would like us to include you and your contact details on our web site as an individual or a group or a church or a community or a ministry that is available to be a part of this project of reconciliation, love, and reaching out to the Native Americans with sharing and caring first and then the Gospel Of Jesus Christ then we could do that for you. People need to know who they can go to for help in setting up this kind of project. So along with reading the book titled THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY to get ideas about what people can do at the celebration or what people can serve for the Harvest Festival Thanksgiving meal, the people near you can contact you for help in being part of the celebration and joining in as one of the participants in the Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thanksgiving Celebration that you help set up in your locale.

As mentioned above you can contact WICONI dot com. Scroll down below and purchase the book written by Richard Twiss (founder of Wiconi): ONE CHURCH MANY TRIBES from Amazon. Contact Wiconi at and the office staff in Vancouver, Washington may put you in contact with a Native American ministry near your area because they are in contact with lots of Native Christian ministries. The following ministers of the Gospel may also be open to ministering to your group in some way. Try John David Gomez at who is near Medford, Oregon. Others who may want to help are Dale and Char Tsosie at Faith Bible Chapel in Page, Arizona. Find them at and contact them. Casey Church of the Thunderbird Ministry based in Albuquerque, New Mexico may want to minister to you: and he can be reached at: LChurch111 @ If you want a Native American movie star try Bryan Brightcloud of who can be reached at davids @



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